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Should I marry right away?

No, we give you an opportunity to get to know the partner of your dreams. The decision how to develop your further relationship is up to you. Our purpose: to get in touch two lonely hearts with common interests and life concepts.

Do girls from Eastern Europe marry only to stay in Germany?

No. Foreign men are known for their serious attitude toward family. Isn't it the most important what every Eastern European woman wants. She is looking for the reliable husband, loyal and abstainer. As men from her motherland are not like that it in most cases.

But we won't deny, there is a category of women who dream of going abroad. We do not work with them.

What is the difference between Eastern European and German women?

Eastern European women are passionate, loving and gentle. If you made a profound impression on this kind of woman she will always be on your side, for better, for worse.

Do you have Eastern European women that live in Germany?

Yes. Among our clients, there are women that live not only in Germany but in other countries of the EU.

Is identity confirmation compulsory?

Yes. It's compulsory for both, men and women as we verify all our clients. We have to make sure you are you and provided us accurate data.

Why, how and where does the interview take place?

We take an interview to meet every client in person, question him/her to find the most suitable match in the best possible way. Interview is free of charge. You choose the day and time for this meeting.

The interview can be taken in person or online (via Skype).

Meeting in person is possible to arrange at any cafe. It takes around an hour.

Do I need a visa to visit a woman in Eastern Europe?

To enter Ukraine the holders of German passports do not need a visa. To enter Russia the holders of German passports need to obtain a visa. The holders of German passport who enter Belarus for 5 days and less do not need a visa. If they want to stay for a longer period, they need to apply for a visa.

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